Lockdown advice #1: Find Your Greatness

How do I discover what my talents are? How do I find my place in this world? What really suits me? How do I make an impact in the world? People in their twenties and thirties regularly search for the answers to these questions. A lockdown is a great period for active reflection.

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As a coach, the last 20 years I have been working with theoretically and practically trained millennials who have just graduated from an education and are enthusiastically embarking on a traineeship or an incompany young professional program.

As a common thread, I see that almost all of them want the following: 

  1. Tangible results from their work in a relatively short period of time. This explains why methods like Scrum are so popular. Progress is visible and discussed on a weekly basis. This provides satisfaction. 

  2. Intellectual challenge: the opportunity and task of being able to think about complex, interesting and topical issues, for example in line with the Global Goals for Sustainable Development: http://www.globalgoals.org/

  3. A dynamic environment that offers as much stimulation and variety as the (social) media platforms and student networks on which and in which they spend a relatively large part of their free time. Routine must be avoided at all costs if you ask them. 

  4. Learning a lot, especially about themselves. Work has thus become a path along which self-knowledge can be acquired. While previous generations often wanted to use self-knowledge for the benefit of better performance at work and cashing in on promotions, for many millennials it is exactly the other way around. 

  5. Working with people. Almost all of the millennials I encountered in a traineeship wanted to spend at least 50% of a workday talking to other people. Both 1-on-1 and in teams. The connection they experience gives them energy and a sense of belonging.

So the first step you can take: check to see how well your current or potential employer meets these important criteria. Give 0, 1 or 2 points for each criterion and calculate your score. 

The second step you must take: Stop comparing your own life to that of others and choose activity over passivity. Really, blocking a Thursday night to reflect on your life while staring at the ceiling or your smartphone, will not help you find an answer to major life questions. 

The Pinterest quote 'Winning starts with beginning' contains a kernel of truth. If you are honest to yourself, you know there are some actions on your list you can start doing immediately. Don't treat them as a thesis that requires months to complete. 

How to find your place in life? Start moving and keep moving, Literally. 

And if you lack the motivation and inspiration to start, watch and rewatch the video below. Thinking of it, after finishing this blog I will grab my running shoes and go for a run. 

Any questions? Feel free to send me a message!

Dirk Van Uffelen

Guest Editor, Generation Magnets

Studied Organisational Psychology & Sports Psychology and focused the last 20+ years on development and guidance of Cororate Management Traineeships and Young Professional Programs. Currently writing 'The Quantum Millennial Guide, the Bionic Way from Agile to Antifragile'. Passionate about traveling, learning languages, martial arts, CrossFit and spending time with his family.

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